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Marion's Smart Delights

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Gluten-Free Lemon Bar Mix

lemonmix_small2This luscious lemon bar is not only delightfully delicious, it's deliciously light! We use less salt and 36% less sugar than the leading lemon bar mix, so you can enjoy this healthy treat while experiencing the wonderful contrast of the tangy lemon with the sweetness of the sugar. Plus, Marion's Gluten-Free Lemon Bar Mix makes it easy to avoid gluten and allergens.  It's certified Kosher, too, and easy to prepare.

Check our free recipe section for how to make the lemon bars dairy-free, heart-healthy using olive oil instead of butter or margarine,  and even 100% vegan lemon bars! Plus, with 5 grams of gluten-free whole grains per serving, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while working towards your recommended daily amount of healthy whole grain nutrition.

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Gluten-Free Cookie & Muffin Mix

bakingmix_small2Tasty, tender cookies and muffins fresh from your oven — it's hard to imagine a more delightfully delicious way to consume 8 grams of gluten-free whole grains!  Plus, Marion's Gluten-Free Cookie & Muffin Baking Mix makes it easy to avoid gluten and allergens.  It's certified Kosher, too.  The mix is also endlessly versatile.  For example, you can enjoy the subtly sweet baking mix just as it is.  Or, you can add a little extra sugar (or another sweetener you prefer).

Add favorite extra ingredients, too, like fruit, GF oats, chocolate or even nuts. For an even heart-healthier version, you can substitute olive oil for the butter.  Plus, to use the mix to make dairy-free and vegan cookies and muffins — or fancy treats you can be proud to serve for parties or share with family, friends and coworkers, check our free recipe section.

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